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The 401(k) Knowledge Deficit: Survey Reveals What—and How—Employees Need to Learn Know About Their Retirement Plans

We surveyed over 10,000 401(k) participants to find out: 1) what employees most want to learn about retirement planning; 2) the education methods they prefer; and 3) where they are now in their retirement savings journey. Some of their responses will surprise you. Use the data and open-end comments we received to help shape a financial education communication strategy that gets your employees more involved in effective planning for their retirement.

Speaker: Susan Reynolds, Director of Retirement Solutions

Impact Investing for Credit Unions and Their Members: Foundational or Faddish?

They’re called many things: ESG funds, impact investments, socially responsible portfolios, etc. But they all have the same mission of values-based capital allocation that makes a positive difference. During this session, the history and role of impact investing will be discussed, including how credit unions can help members achieve their values-based investment goals. This presentation will also include a candid discussion of limits and excesses often experienced with impact investing.

Speaker: Scott D. Knapp, CFA®, Managing Principal, CUNA Mutual Fiduciary Consultants

2020 Economic Outlook: Politics, Punditry, and Big Possibilities in a Divided World

Last year, investors were shaken by financial market signals that suggested the U.S. economy was headed toward recession. An inverted yield curve and a rotation to defensive stocks provided ample evidence, only to be followed by strong data that indicated markets got it wrong. Now, after being whipsawed by last year’s swings, investors turn toward uncertainty from an election year that is certain to be a bruising affair. During this session, the political cycle’s influence on financial markets and changes in the structure of the global economy will be discussed in simple, entertaining terms. Special emphasis will be placed on the outlook for savers and investors.

Speaker: Scott D. Knapp, CFA®, Managing Principal, CUNA Mutual Fiduciary Consultants

What’s the Big Deal with Data?

The abundance of data and digital expansion continues to change how we live and the companies with which we conduct business. The way that members communicate and interact with businesses is drastically changing. Tethered to a device around the clock, we all expect faster, on-demand and highly personalized experiences. Empowerment by the ability to tap into services quickly creates a trickle-down effect, including an impact on financial institution expectations. We all want to do things faster, on the go and with minimal effort. In this presentation we’ll talk about embarking on a data journey and share examples of how others are using data and analytics to grow their business as well as provide some actionable next steps for you to use at your credit union.

Speaker: CBSI Regional Program Leader

Pension Risk Transfer 101

If your credit union has made the decision to close out a defined benefit pension plan, you’ll appreciate this practical guide to the basics of pension risk transfer. Learn how to ensure that employees and retirees affected by the transfer will be treated properly and will continue to receive trustworthy guidance on their payout options. Understand the plan sponsor’s basic fiduciary duties, and what it takes to prepare and execute a seamless risk transfer.

Speaker: Shannon Eidson, FSA, CFA®, FSA, Principal – Investment Consulting, CUNA Mutual Fiduciary Consultants

Learn Whether Your Employee Retirement Plan Needs a Redesign—and How to do it

How well is your retirement program actually preparing employees to retire on time? The methods credit unions traditionally use to assess their retirement program effectiveness are often incomplete, or worse, misleading. Learn how to use metrics to improve your assessments, and how you can turn that knowledge into helping your employees achieve better retirement outcomes. Topics include auto enrollment and other automatic features, investment optimization, personalized employee education, and financial wellness resources. You’ll leave this session with greater confidence that you can help your employees save enough for a comfortable retirement.

Speaker: Michael Conte, Director II, Product Management, Retirement Plan Services

Why It’s Important for Employees to Retire on Time—and 3 Keys to Getting Them There

As employers, we want our employees to be able to retire on their own terms—with dignity and financial security after a job well done. We want this not only for the sake of retirees, but for the sake of everyone still on the job Postponed retirements can delay other employees’ opportunities for development and promotion. Morale suffers when employees continue working only because they can’t afford to retire. With the right tools and a few simple strategies, however, you can easily become part of the solution. Discover three key strategies for guiding your employees to a successful and timely retirement:

  • The most potent drivers of engaging employees in effective retirement planning.
  • How to design and support retirement education programs.
  • Showing employees how to get the most out of online tools.

Speaker: Michael Conte, Director II, Product Management, Retirement Plan Services