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What it Takes to Future Proof Your Data Strategy

Available as a Keynote Only

The fast pace of data technology and science is thrilling. Yet, it can leave credit union strategists feeling a bit dizzy. In today’s environment, it can feel as though investments in people, processes and technology are outdated almost before they’re onboarded.

Shazia Manus, a credit union industry veteran and data analytics expert, will walk through several solutions for future-proofing a data strategy for the digital era. An expansive thinker with her eyes forever trained on the technology horizon, she’ll share these solutions while also examining the expected impact of innovations like 5G, edge computing and AI.

Macro trends, like rapid urbanization, emerging-market companies and expansion of the middle class, will also be considered as Shazia makes a case for investing in data transformation today to drive growth tomorrow.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

The Best of Both Worlds: Data Insights for Member & Cooperative Health

Available as a Keynote Only

The cobbler’s children had no shoes, and doctors make the worst patients. Does the popular trope of experts failing to benefit from their own expertise describe today’s data-driven credit unions?

Whereas monitoring internal performance was once the singular objective of a credit union’s data strategy, there’s been a sizable – and necessary – shift toward the use of data to improve the member experience. How can credit unions “land and expand” to ensure data momentum is applied to the long-term sustainability of the cooperative itself?

Join credit union industry veteran and data analytics expert Shazia Manus as she confronts this and other tough questions around the dual dimensions of data analytics. In this dynamic and introspective look at the movement’s use of big data, she’ll share a set of best practices for effectively bringing data to life for both member and credit union prosperity.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

Charting Your Course to Data Maturity:

Available as a Keynote Only

Like a rigorous climb in the natural world, reaching the summit of data transformation can take many different routes. Just as rock climbers sometimes move vertically, sometimes horizontally and sometimes at an angle, credit unions each have different approaches to reaching data maturity.

To be sure, the divergent paths credit unions take adds to the complexity the industry is facing as it confronts data transformation. A singular strategy to implementation – one that works for all – simply doesn’t exist. However, there are best practices credit union data climbers can rely on as they formulate their own path to the summit.

Attend this session to learn insights from a veteran data climber and expansive thinker, Shazia Manus, who brings a wealth of credit union analytics experience. Discover how the right strategy, the right culture, the right tools and the right data can help you chart your course to data maturity, better understand your members and deepen member relationships.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

How Machines (and the Humans Behind Them) Will Earn Our Trust

Available as a Keynote Only

Most people have a healthy skepticism of AI, algorithms and the myriad computational methods underpinning autonomous technology. The fact that every earthly innovation is first coded by a fallible human makes us naturally suspicious of new technology, especially machines that mimic the mind.

If history is any indication, however, cynicism will fade. How quickly will that happen, and what will be the ramifications of unmitigated user trust in autonomous tools?

Futurist Shazia Manus will explore those and other questions through a lens of consumer sentiment and social responsibility. By introducing attendees to various methods for increasing explainability and understanding around AI and machine learning, attendees will think differently about the ways they integrate technology within their own environments. Shazia will share examples of brands that are actively sharing things like taxonomy and modeling rules to inspire user trust. The session will get leaders thinking about their present and future reliance on automation and the essentialness of planning ahead for transparency and trust.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

5 Things Every Credit Union Must Know about Machine Learning

Available as a Keynote Only

Artificial intelligence transcends human potential. But that doesn’t mean we humans lose our place in the evolution of society – and certainly not in the transformation of business. Machines replacing humans is just one example of the many fantasies, fictions and myths about AI which are crippling the possibilities. In this session, AdvantEdge Analytics’ Shazia Manus confronts several of the misconceptions surrounding AI and machine and deep learning. Through real-life use cases, attendees will gain a rich appreciation for the power of humans and machines working in concert to revolutionize experiences across the entire financial services ecosystem.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

Explore + Exploit: The Formula for Transformation

Available as a Keynote Only

We all hear about digital transformation, but what does it really mean for the CEOs, board directors and other leaders trusted by members to run a financial cooperative that exceeds expectations? What does the injection of fresh new ideas from fintech, insurtech and other disruptors mean for the movement?

Join futurist Shazia Manus on a journey to reimagine the credit union of tomorrow. Through a lens of platform thinking, attendees will gain insight into exploring new value propositions while exploiting the distinctiveness of the credit union. As modern consumers wrestle with age-old money issues, they are also facing entirely new problems. Is your credit union uniquely positioned to help? Attendees will confront this question alongside Shazia, walking away with a fresh perspective on what it means to transform for the future.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

The Critical Questions Driving Every Successful Growth Strategy

Available as a Keynote Only

How does your credit union compete and grow in the face of accelerating digital transformation, changing member expectations, and threats from fintech, insurtech and other disruptors?

In this dynamic presentation, futurist Shazia Manus will explore questions every credit union leader should be asking to transform for the future. By applying platform thinking to the answers, Manus will inspire attendees to reimagine the value of credit unions in the lives of modern members.

Flowing throughout this exercise in expansive thinking will be an exploration of a common denominator in business transformation – data strategy and analytics maturity. Attendees will see how this rapidly evolving discipline is accelerating transformation across industries. In addition to discovering applicable lessons from fintech, insurtech and other disruptors, credit unions will learn how to begin knocking down barriers that stand between them and digital transformation mastery.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management

Available as a Keynote Only

Today’s business leaders are challenged to take risks more than ever before. It’s a strategy celebrated by leadership gurus, tech gods and business strategy experts alike. Most humans have a healthy appetite for risk. But, what happens when the humans in charge of evaluating risk are joined by machines? How does artificial intelligence emulate or diverge from human intelligence when it comes to making recommendations or implementing preventative measures? As so-called "learning technologies" enter the risk management space, these questions and plenty of others keep risk leaders up at night. Credit union industry veteran and AdvantEdge Analytics leader Shazia Manus will tackle several of these macro-level questions while also addressing key takeaways for risk professionals soon to work side-by-side with AI.

Speaker: Shazia Manus, SVP of Strategy & Business Development

Transform Your Credit Union With the Power of Data and Analytics

Data and analytics have the power to transform credit unions. A comprehensive data analytics strategy is the key to a credit union’s successful data and digital transformation. In this session, you’ll discover how the right strategy, the right culture, the right tools and the right data can help you better understand each member and deepen member relationships. Join leaders from AdvantEdge Analytics’ Consulting Services and Client Success teams to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of a data analytics strategy for credit unions
  • Define use cases for getting the most value out of your analytics investment
  • Discover how to build a roadmap for success
  • Explore how to translate your roadmap into actionable next steps
  • Learn how to empower staff with insights to improve member experiences

Speaker: Emily Engstrom, Director of Client Success (+ John Papadia/Daragh Fitzpatrick, Client Strategy Consultants

Polishing the Call Center Channel for the Digital Era

Much of the digital transformation conversation centers on adding entirely new products and channels. Yet, some of the most meaningful transformation can come from enhancing staples of the member experience, like the call center.

Through digital and data strategies, like predictive data analytics and data-centric training, credit unions are creating truly digital experiences in an analog channel. Rich, member-level data insights accurately forecast the most likely needs of segmented member personas at different life stages and with different product profiles. Armed with this intelligence, call center staff engage members with hyper-personalized recommendations and laser-targeted financial guidance.

Join AdvantEdge Analytics’ Director of Client Success Emily Engstrom and [Coastal CU speaker] as they share the real-world outcomes Coastal Credit Union has experienced by transforming the credit union’s call center for the digital era.

Speaker: Emily Engstrom, Director of Client Success (+ John Papadia/Daragh Fitzpatrick, Client Strategy Consultants

What the Gaming Industry Understands about Innovation

With 35 patents, mostly from his time in the gaming industry, AdvantEdge Analytics’ Director of Product Management Jeff Allen knows a thing or two (or 35) about innovation. He believes the best solutions come from an intense understanding of users and their challenges, not the shiniest technology of the moment. His mantra is: “Love the problem, not your solution.”

This talk centers on the concept of user-centric design and the work Jeff did to first develop personas (two very distinct types of gamers) and only then build the technology specifically for them. He carries the story further through his time in the trucking industry. He explains what he learned about truckers and the value they placed on “old fashioned” ways of doing business. Jeff explores how and why to fix and innovate even if your customer doesn’t perceive anything to be broken.

Data analytics is essential to the development of personas and innovating around those personas. Credit unions at various stages of data transformation can begin to incorporate these concepts into their digital transformation journey.

Speaker: Jeff Allen, Director of Product Management

Applying a Futurist Mindset to Your Credit Union’s Data Environment

In a highly saturated data solutions market, it can be difficult to know which technology will fit your data strategy as it changes. And, it will. The data analytics field is one of the fast-evolving dimensions of financial services, and credit unions need an agile enough strategy to flex with the changes.

In this solution-agnostic presentation, [AEA speaker] will talk through the [#] essential questions every credit union must answer before selecting the technology to drive a data strategy. [He/she] will then turn the conversation toward the foundational components of a future-proof data technology plan. Attendees will return to the office with a practical checklist for evaluating the agility of the data and analytics tools they are considering.

Speaker: TBD

The Next Big Thing in Data Analytics

If credit unions have learned one thing about data analytics, it’s how dizzyingly fast the discipline is advancing. By maintaining our curiosity and embracing change, we can meet the challenges of rapid evolution with a spirit of positivity and imagination.

Join [AEA speaker] for this dynamic presentation exploring the data, technology and science advances that lie just beyond the horizon. Each of the [#] trends will open your mind to the future possibilities for the truly data-driven credit union.

Speaker: TBD

A Credit Union World without Servers

Exploring the value of serverless computing and how credit unions fit in. This is a pro-cloud talk that debunks myths around security, regulation, expense and more, while also introducing concepts like microservices that “self destruct.” This one could be high level or in the weeds depending on our audience.

Speaker: TBD

Analytics Matter: Rethink How to Use Data for Membership Growth

When it comes to pursuing member growth, one of the biggest mistakes credit unions make is continuing to do something because that’s the way it has always been done. New technologies, capabilities, and competitors pop up and create change for credit unions. It’s time to develop new approaches to utilize data and reevaluate processes and methods that can lead to sustaining growth.

Speaker: TBD

Critical Questions to Ask Along the Journey to Data Transformation

Every day, more credit unions are embracing digital transformation to deliver meaningful member experiences. Real-time data working in concert with years of intuition offers a powerful force capable of game-changing transformation. No matter where a credit union is on its data transformation journey, there are a few key questions leaders must be asking: What behaviors are we trying to change? How does our transformation support our mission, vision and values? Can our team handle the truth? How do we avoid SOS (shiny object syndrome)?

Attend this session to explore these questions and strategies for jump-starting your journey, including:

  • Quantifying your readiness to become more data driven
  • Tying data and analytics strategy to overall business strategy
  • Hiring key talent to support your transformation
  • Preparing data to support predictive analytics and models
  • Partnering with business units and marketing teams to activate data insights

Speaker: TBD