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NCUA Amends Regulations on Fidelity Bonds

See the checklist for staying compliant
Credit Union Trends Report

CUNA Mutual's monthly update of credit union economic trends and the credit union marketplace.
Reducing Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk: It’s All About Vigilance

Without proper due diligence third-party vendors can put your member’s data at risk
7 Point Checklist for Creating Prudent SERPS

Use this seven-point checklist to design prudent supplemental executive retirement plans
Beyond IT: How to Create an Organization-wide Cybersecurity Culture

Make cybersecurity part of your credit union culture through awareness and training
Lessons Learned for Charitable Giving

Cause marketing strategies and a CDA can give your credit union new ways to have a bigger community impact.
Retain Your Top Talent

Your top executives are one of your biggest investments. Learn 4 successful strategies to retain them.
Ties That Bind: Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

Strengthen your financial tie between your top executives and your credit union.
Economic Commentary: The U.S. Equity Market Outlook and Valuations

In this edition of Economic Commentary, Robert F. DeLucia, CFA & Consulting Economist, shares his perspective
How Risk Aversion Impacts Wealth Management

Investor sensitivity to market volatility and a sharp shift away from equities is fueled by many factors
Economic Commentary: What's in Store for Investors in 2018 and Beyond

Business and investment cycles will inevitably change. See what economists are forecasting 2018 and beyond.
Industry Update: IRS Limits Adjustments for 2018

The IRS announced its changes to retirement plan contribution and Social Security limits for 2018
The History of the Dow: Why Risk Control Matters More than Ever

Lessons from our nation’s history give insight into factors that typically impact market performance.
The Changing Retirement Landscape

Retirement planning now needs to go beyond asset accumulation, as the majority of the population soon won't be able to rely on pensions and Social Security supplements.
Where Does Financial Advice Fit in the Age of Information?

How do you prove the benefit of cultivating a relationship with a financial advisor over Internet advice?
Economic Commentary: 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Formally enacted on Jan. 1, 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduces a number of changes to the tax code
Economic Commentary: Indicators Investors Should Monitor to Understand Market Direction

The extended period of market calm and record-low volatility has ended for the current investment cycle.
Medicare and Social Security

New client service standards require financial advisors to understand government programs' impact on clients.
Is There a Cost to Convenience?

Can you over-emphasize member convenience? The data reveals troubling trends in auto lending.
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The Digital Imperative:

Managing the Pace and Scope of Change