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New & Emerging Risks

We're happy to present P&C Minute. Every month, the Corporate Property & Casualty Consultant team will briefly tell you about new and emerging risks, how to use your policy, and much more.

Credit Unions Experiencing Asset Growth

May 2021

Many credit unions are experiencing a rapid increase in assets due to the pandemic. Have you wondered how that impacts your Bond Limit and when you need to increase it?

In Case You Missed It

Here are a few resources introduced or updated within the last 30 days to provide you with actionable insights and proven risk mitigation guidance to help you stay on top of emerging risks.

Check out the Protection Resource Center(opens in a new window) for more relevant resources, to ensure you stay in the know, or to schedule a 1:1 consultation(opens in a new window) with a Risk Consultant.

Past Recordings

Our Disaster Response Team Is Ready To Help!

March 2021

While the world may be unpredictable, you can take comfort in knowing our Disaster Response Team is always ready to help if your Credit Union is ever threatened with a disaster event.

Accessing Risk Management & Compliance Services

January 2021

Imagine if your credit union had access to industry leading insight to help identify and mitigate your most pressing risks . Well, CUNA Mutual Group Fidelity Bond policyholders have exactly that!

Why wait? Our Customer Response Center is ready to serve you!

November 2020

Have a question about your policy? Bought a new car and need to add coverage and get an ID card? Or maybe, you need a certificate of insurance? Our Customer Response Center is a great resource to help with your day-to-day transactional needs. It is quick, easy to use, plus they are open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM CT or email 24/7!

“Lights! Cameras!! Obstacles!!!”

October 2020

If the year 2020 was a movie, it should be awarded the best screenplay or the scariest one ever made. Here are some actions that a credit union can take to ensure they are rethinking protecting their people, assets, and reputation. Learn more!

Do you know some of the leading causes of WC injuries at credit unions?

September 2020

Slips and falls, auto accidents and repetitive motion injuries are some of the leading injuries at credit unions. Our experience shows that many of these incidents can be prevented. In fact, our team of specialists monitor nationwide claim trends and create safety programs to minimize the loss and control the cost of protection for your credit union. Learn more!

Think Before You Click

August 2020

Ransomware is one of the largest security problems and one of the biggest forms of cyber-crime on the internet that organizations face today. Recently, the unique combination of ease of entry and high rewards has led to a triple digit increase in frequency of ransomware attacks. In this month’s P&C Minute, learn more about the misconceptions and how to mitigate the growing ransomware threat.

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow?

July 2020

The number of employees working remotely has significantly increased. And, as credit unions plan to implement changes to business models, the plans may include an even larger portion of the workforce being remote. With these remote work arrangements, credit unions are focused on helping staff set up home offices including the relocation of credit union property and technology from branch locations. While it is critical to follow asset management best practices, it is important to understand how this property fits into your protection.

Learn How to Minimize Your Risks as We Return to Work

June 2020

With changes in the workplace, employers must exercise caution with new policies, procedures and workplace arrangements as offices reopen. Unfortunately, workplace claims are more than likely going to surface. As an employer, it is critical to be prepared, know what the risks are and how to reduce them. Learn more here:

Are you doing enough to manage hidden risks?

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