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Emerging Risks: November 2022

Staying current on emerging risks, loss trends, and integrating risk management into your day-to-day business plans and operations is critical.

Access these Risk Resources to Help You Stay Ahead

Fraud & Scams eBook

Fraudsters are crafty. Their multi-channel approach looks for victims who find their stories and scams convincing and will willingly click on links or share sensitive information, which can be used to authorize and transact many types of transactions.

Safety & Wellness Brief

Changing the way your employees look at workplace safety is not an easy task – especially in an office setting. Introducing consistent and realistic safety and wellness training and tips can be key.

Slips, Trips & Falls Employee Training Module

Even a seemingly minor workplace or employee incident — like slips, trips & falls — may result in expensive claims cost, time in the hospital, and time away from work. This interactive training module introduces relevant situations and mitigation tips for your employees to learn from.

2023 Risk Management Virtual Events Schedules

Keep ahead of the complex array of ever-changing risks, compliance issues, and industry regulations with our 2023 Risk Management Virtual Events. Each session is focused on trends impacting credit unions just like yours.

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Emerging Risks: August 2022

Resources to Help

Climate Change Risk Overview

Climate change and climate-related risks pose a significant challenge for credit unions, primarily in the physical and transaction sense. However, it also offers opportunities for credit unions to differentiate themselves.

Disruptive Technologies Risk Overview

New advances in technology are still disrupting our industry — in many cases — for the best. Successful technology adoption depends on anticipating several enterprise-level risks introduced by these up-and-coming technologies.

Active Assailant Threat Resources

Tragic active threats in our communities are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Managers and employees must be prepared both mentally and physically to respond to an active assailant situation.

Emerging Risks Outlook

Stay ahead of the complex array of risks, losses, and litigation challenges with new updated info on Overdraft/NSF Fee Litigation and Disruptive Tech. These emerging risk web pages share critical questions, answers, and resources to build awareness and drive credit union action.

Emerging Risks: May 2022

Resources to Help

Emerging Risks Outlook

Check out key Q&A and insights for six new emerging risks - CUSOs; Workplace Violence; Marijuana-Related Business Services; Vendor Program Management; Mergers & Acquisitions; and Remote Work & Technology.

Elder Financial Abuse Risk Overview

Financial abuse of older Americans continues to increase at alarming rates. The key to spotting elder financial abuse is recognizing common schemes and being on the lookout for red flags.

Elder Financial Exploitation Abuse Policy Guidelines

Review situational examples and the necessary guidelines on developing a policy on what employees should do when elder financial exploitation abuse is suspected.

Virtual Office Hours: Transactions & Fraud

Join our Risk Consultants on June 15 as they share insights. perspectives, and mitigation tips related to top-of-mind transaction risks and fraud in this live, one-hour question and answer session.

Emerging Risks: February 2022

Resources to Help

Emerging Risks Outlook

While each credit union has its own unique risk footprint, these seven web pages introduce you to emerging risks, loss trends, Q&A, and insightful resources that most likely should be on your radar. Find out which risks and litigation trends made it.

Risk Management Resource Snapshot - 2021

Check out which risk management resources and which topics were most widely accessed by you and your credit union peers in 2021.

Wire Transfer Fraud & Compliance On-Demand Webinar

With the ease and quickness of moving large sums of money, wire transfers have become a high-risk activity frequently targeted by fraudsters. Learn loss trends and mitigation tips from our experienced Risk Consultants in this popular virtual event.

Someone Need Access?

Know someone at your credit union that needs access to the Protection Resource Center, RISK Alerts, or is not receiving virtual event invites? Share this resource on how to get signed up.

Emerging Risks: October 2021

Resources to Help

Call Center Fraud Risk Overview

Inbound call centers are increasingly exploited by the scammer to deliver sensitive member details that can be used in account takeovers or other illicit activities. Find out how!

Special Events Consideration Risk Overview & Checklist

The pandemic leads to rethinking and redefining your member educational events, holiday parties and annual meetings. Ensure you meet the appropriate procedures and protocols.

Collection Letters Risk Overview

Litigation and class action lawsuits alleging defective Notices of Disposition and defective Notices of Deficiency have resulted in settlements into the millions of dollars.

2022 Risk Management Virtual Event Schedule

Get up-to-the-minute risk information and proven guidance by taking in a live Risk Management webinar, office hours, or deep-dive risk discussions in 2022.

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