Emerging Risks Video Series

The world is fraught with risk. Stay at the forefront of emerging risk trends with our Risk Consultants, as they share their expertise and perspectives on the changing industry. 

Hear which risks should be top-of-mind by viewing the videos below and dive deeper into each risk by accessing the related resources.

Member Authentication

Member authentication continues to challenge us as fraudsters learn to exploit weak authentication methods. Learn how to create more obstacles for fraudsters in online member enrollment and help protect your members’ identities.

Consumer Risk

Scams targeting your members can range from ATM and gas pump skimming to identity theft and account takeovers. Watch this video to learn how fraudsters are finding ways to access sensitive data.


Ransomware is a cheap and easy form of decoy or disruption, a perfect cover for other forms of attack like cryptojacking. Hear how fraudsters are raising the bar for credit unions.

Employee Safety

Unfortunate events involving workplace safety and physical security force organizations to prepare for unthinkable situations. Hear how your safety plan needs to account for all hazards and protect your most important asset: people.

Employer Rights & Obligation

As an employer, you must exercise caution with changes in the workplace and ensure fair accommodations to your employees. It’s critical to know your risks, rights and obligations. Watch this video to learn more.

Compliance Overload

Regulatory and compliance requirements can be a moving target. And, not staying aligned can lead to expensive litigation, violations, and penalties. Hear what to prioritize to help you manage the compliance overload.

Cards & Payment Trends

The payments landscape is changing fast. And, one of the biggest challenges today if for you to meet your members’ fast, convenient, and secure payment experiences. Navigating the rapid changes in payments can also lead to fraud and risk related to cards, ATMs, and alternative payments.

Branch Operations

The investment in your branch and your day-to-day operations is often only as good as your people and the training related to policies, procedures, and internal controls that they receive. Given that branches can vary greatly, not everything can apply from one branch to the next.

Spam, Shams & Other Scams

Fraudsters are crafty, knowing how to pressure people to make decisions on the spot by using innovative schemes. Their multi-channel approach looks for victims who find their stories convincing and will willingly share sensitive information, which can be used to authorize and transact many types of transactions. Unfortunately, the fraudulent transaction is often a legit exchange based upon a fairy tale.

Mobile Devices & Technology

With more than 50% of all Internet traffic coming from mobile devices (StatCounter, 2019), it’s no surprise that attackers have turned their attention to mobile employees, apps, and mobile devices as the next frontier of fraud. Corporate devices hold a vast array of data for attackers to target. While many apps authenticate with single sign-on services, many employees use of their own user credentials.

Lending Oversight

Solid, sound, prudent practices. That’s a basic component to lending program governance – weighing need for growth and opportunity versus proper security and controls. Risks related to a lack of diversification, loan concentrations, Board reporting, and the resurgence of internal fraud can impact your portfolio performance.
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