Loan Growth

Loans are a credit union mainstay—and a critical member entry point that can build a foundation for long-term, full-fledged relationships. In an era of agile, lightning-fast loan apps and aggressive efforts by tech giants to move into the lending space, your credit union can’t afford to settle for lending as usual.

CMFG Ventures portfolio includes these lending innovators:

Happy Money
happy moneyWhat’s really behind members’ financial choices? These tools combine psychological and financial data to help members manage their finances—and lead happier lives.

Fiscal Hive
fiscal hiveLooking for a smarter lending process? Harness the power of AI to automate your loans and improve loan speed, security and transparency.

cu nexusMembers demand speed and customization. This data tool lets your credit union offer one-click, personalized online and mobile lending.

Mortgage Hippo
mortgage hippoThese web- and mobile-ready tools deliver a borrower-centric experience, improve conversions, cut origination costs and easily integrate with other mortgage resources.

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