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Protect More Loans, More Ways

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Protect More Loans, More Ways

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Nearly half of all Americans say they don’t have $400 to pay an unexpected expense.** Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) may help pay for covered repairs on new and eligible used vehicles—after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Because members are holding onto vehicles longer, MRC could be more important today than ever before. Use MRC to help you manage risk and serve members better.

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MRC is one of the products available in our comprehensive lending suite helping you protect more loans, more ways.

Benefits for you:

  • Back-office support for training, compliance and more
  • Flexible program options for both new and used vehicles
  • Program efficiencies and tools to help make your life easier

All this and more from CUNA Mutual Group, marketed in conjunction with the companies of The Warranty Group, Inc. (TWG).

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*Autoguide.com, “Average Car Repair Cost Holds Steady: Study,” April 22, 2015. **PunditFact, "47% say they lack ready cash to pay a surprise $400 bill," June 17, 2015. MEMBER’S CHOICE® Mechanical Repair Coverage is made available to you by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc., and is insured by Virginia Surety Company, Inc.


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