TruStage FAQ

The following information is provided as a general reference to assist you in answering the most common questions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and specific products. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but it is designed to provide general information on the most frequently asked questions.

Risk Background

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has quickly spread globally. Increased headlines and social media posts about growing COVID-19 infections have many credit unions concerned about their ability to continue critical operations while ensuring employee/member safety. Credit union leadership should remain committed to emergency preparedness and business continuity planning. A pandemic crisis can create confusion and potential panic among employees and even leadership.

For the latest information about symptoms, prevention, treatment and other facts, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)(opens in a new window) website, the World Health Organization (WHO)(opens in a new window) website, local, state, and federal governments.

Last updated: Friday, June 12, 2020

Does TruStage life insurance cover COVID-19 related deaths?

Life insurance covers death by all causes that are not explicitly excluded in the policy. COVID-19 is not explicitly excluded in the policy therefore we would not deny a claim for that reason alone.

Can members still apply for life insurance during this pandemic?

Yes, members can still apply for life insurance at or by calling 877.866.1936.

What if a member wants to increase his/her life insurance coverage?

To increase a member’s life insurance policy, he/she will need to apply for an additional policy. This can be done by visiting or by calling 877.866.1936.

Can a member located in a “hot zone” still apply life insurance?

Yes, a member located in “hot zones” can still apply for life insurance at or by calling 877.866.1936.

Does the TruStage Simplified Issue Whole Life or the Simplified Issue Term Life policy allow a member to make a disability claim if he/she was laid off and/or had to self-quarantine because of COVID-19?

Neither the Simplified Issue Whole Life nor the Simplified Issue Term Life policy has a disability option within the policy.

What if a member needs to cash out his/her life insurance policy or wants to take a loan against it?

Some types of policies may offer a cash value. Please have the member contact one of our Customer Care Representatives by calling 888.787.8243 Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT. We will be happy to review his/her coverage and help with any questions.

Who can the member contact with questions regarding his/her life insurance policy?

A member may speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives by calling 888.787.8243 Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT.

Is CMFG still paying claims right now?

Yes. CUNA Mutual Group remains financially strong and we have no concerns about our ability to pay legitimate claims.

How does a member make a payment on his/her life insurance policy?

We offer a variety of ways for a member to make a payment on his/her policy. Please direct the member to our website at or call 888.787.8243. Self-service options are available 24/7. If the member would like to speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives, please have him/her call during our normal business hours Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT.

What if a member cannot make a payment on their Life or AD&D policy due to economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand that the current situation has made it difficult for some members to pay their premiums on the due date. Effective immediately, we will not cancel or nonrenew any policies for failure to pay premiums due for a period of 90 days. The member does not need to contact TruStage or provide any documentation. Rather, a missed payment will trigger the moratorium on cancelation and nonrenewal. No late fees will be charged. (Please note that throughout this period the member will continue to receive his/her monthly bills as usual.) For the members coverage to remain in force, any unpaid premium will need to be repaid to get the account current. This is a limited time opportunity, and it applies only to regularly scheduled payments due after March 12, 2020. At the end of this emergency period all ongoing payments, plus unpaid premiums will resume.

Is CMFG proactively notifying members about the premium payment flexibility and extended grace period?

Yes, CMFG added inserts into bill notices explaining the grace period extension and premium payment flexibility. New York required this as a proactive communication, but we felt it made sense to include across all states in the bill, past due, and lapse notices for both Life and AD&D.

Can a member make a partial payment on his/her Life or AD&D policy?

CMFG can not accept partial payment for a member’s premium. However, we will not cancel or nonrenew any policies for failure to pay premiums due for a period of 90 days, due to the COVID-19 situation. If a member owes payments for more than one month, his/she can pay at least one month’s premium in order to keep the policy from lapsing.

How will the AD&D and Life premium repayment plan work for members?

  • TruStage is implementing a “catch-up” repayment plan that is designed to help members repay their missed premiums over the course of 12 months. To ensure this important information reaches the most vulnerable, starting the last week in May and throughout June, members that are in deferred or pre-lapse status will be sent a letter along with an enrollment form to opt into the “catch-up” repayment plan.
  • For any members that reside in NY or NJ, they will receive a separate general awareness notification of the repayment plan prior to the letter and enrollment form being sent per their state mandates.

Should I be concerned about appearing opportunistic by offering Life insurance to my members during this pandemic?

While it is completely understandable to feel this way, it is important to recognize that during a global crisis, such as this pandemic, your members are more likely than ever to be thinking about the need to protect their loved ones. With the recent news that over 30 million Americans have been displaced from their employment and that nearly 30% rely on their employer for life insurance, more members will likely be searching for additional and supplemental solutions to have a higher sense of security for their families. In particular, the Life products that you offer through your TruStage program provide an affordable option for protection and are simplified issued and/or guaranteed acceptance, eliminating the need for a medical examination. Your members have the ability, while quarantined in their homes, to research, purchase and service these products (based on their affordable monthly payment) 100% online, through the mail or over the phone.

Does AD&D cover a death caused by COVID-19?

AD&D does not cover deaths due to natural causes, including viruses.

Does AD&D payout if I’m diagnosed with COVID-19 and need hospitalization?

There would not be any benefits paid out under AD&D due to hospitalization related to COVID-19. Hospitalization benefits under AD&D are limited to those that are related to a covered accident under the policy.

Why did my member receive a notice in the mail from TruStage explaining that AD&D insurance does not include coverage for COVID-19 related claims?

The state of New Mexico required CMFG and other carriers of AD&D, to send a notice to all existing AD&D policy holders and prospective policy holders that reside in their state. The language and timing of the notice was determined by New Mexico. As of right now, this is the only state to mandated this notice.

Is the Liberty Mutual call center seeing an influx of questions regarding COVID-19?

No, not at this time, but LM will continue to monitor and adjust as needed.

Are there additional riders members should consider with their homeowners policy with so many people staying home and/or working remote?

There are no guidelines or suggestions being sent to customers related to their policy coverages.

Is Liberty Mutual aware of the state bulletins regarding terminating insurance contracts due to non-payment?

Yes, Liberty Mutual is prepared to work closely with any member that needs assistance on deferring payments to avoid cancellation of the policy. Please direct members to the Liberty Mutual COVID-19 website for more information.

When will normal billing activities resume for Liberty Mutual?

As states begin opening and getting used to their new normal, Liberty Mutual is planning to get back to business as usual, too. Starting June 15th, Liberty Mutual will begin reaching out to customers that took advantage of their payment flexibility plan. In the rare occurrence you should receive a question, please direct members to our dedicated TruStage customer service team at 1-800-225-7014, who are there to help. Staying true to their identity and values, Liberty Mutual is continuing to put people first and proactively support customers who may need additional financial assistance.

Is Liberty Mutual planning to do anything else in addition to deferring payments?

Yes, Liberty Mutual announced auto insurance policy holders will receive a 15% refund on two months of their annual premium.

How will members be notified about the Liberty Mutual premium refund?

Policy holders will receive a letter and/or email from Liberty Mutual informing them of the refund. The refund will be issued as a credit to the bank account or credit card the member used for payment. Of if the member paid by check, a check will be issued.

CUNA Mutual Group is the marketing name for CUNA Mutual Holding Company, a mutual insurance holding company, its subsidiaries and affiliates.