TruStage® Insurance Program

Credit unions occupy a distinct space in the financial landscape. You inspire trust and loyalty based on a solid foundation of care and concern for your members. But in today’s competitive, crowded, and often uncertain environment, members will go elsewhere if your credit union isn’t there for them in every way possible.

Addressing Members’ Lifetime Insurance Needs.

To help address the lifetime insurance needs of credit union members, we’re continuing to make the right strategic investments to enhance the member experience, including product enhancements, new media and channel expansion.

Life is complex enough right now – so to help make insurance easier, we’ve redesigned the in a new window) online experience. If your members are just starting to think about options, they can learn more with our jargon-free, bite-size articles. When they’re ready to apply, any policy can be purchased online - whether that’s at home, in the office, or just about anywhere. Every member gets the same simplified experience on their preferred device.

What’s more, over time we’ll come to know your members the way you do – as individuals – and customize their experience so your members have everything they need to make more confident and well-informed choices about their future.

Better Protection Against Today’s Challenges.

The new contributory TruStage Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance product* is a marketplace differentiator and has been overhauled with first-of-its-kind features. Every improvement is based on in-depth member research and collaboration with credit unions to discover what members care most about, including increasing benefits and optional Living Benefits riders. Because when real-life challenges happen – like an accidental death, cancer, heart attack or stroke – your members can trust you have their best interest at heart.

Helping Your Members Achieve Financial Security

In addition to AD&D, the average credit union member needs the financial security Life and Auto & Home Insurance can deliver for the people they care about most. But finding the products can feel anything but simple—and overwhelmed members are all too likely to opt out of the process and the product.

Protecting More Members:

  • Ongoing ‘personalization’ marketing enables data-driven targeting across major web platforms including Facebook, display and paid search.
  • Extensive selection of exceptional, compliance-approved marketing materials are available for you to use, track and reach more members.
  • Reference sheets and eLearning Modules are available to provide your staff with a quick and easy way to learn more about the TruStage products your credit union endorses.

Full Suite of Innovative Solutions

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Help your members prepare for the unexpected.

Auto & Home

Create an easier member experience.


Help your members get the right coverage


Create a convenient shopping experience

Are you looking to purchase life insurance for yourself or your family?

Is your credit union looking to make life insurance available to your members?

TruStage offers consumer life insurance to help you protect more members.

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Prepare your members for the unexpected

Delivering what each member needs for where they are in their life’s journey.

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Protecting Today’s Members

New AD&D product with increasing benefits delivers more value for you and your members.

*Not available in all states. Level of benefits may also vary
**TruStage internal data, 2019
TruStage® Insurance products and programs are made available through TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC, and issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company and other leading insurance companies. CUNA Mutual Group is the marketing name for CUNA Mutual Holding Company, a mutual insurance holding company, its subsidiaries and affiliates.
Base policy form 2018 ADD-POL. Base rider policy numbers 2018-ADD-POLRDR-CI & 2018-ADD-POLRDR-CNR