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Oracle Portal Shared-ContentReallocator

Items csv file path:
Sitecore target folder:

Oracle Portal URL Redirects

Long/Short Urls Importer

Target Item Type:
Spreadsheet file path:
Target Location:
Change domain to:

Sitecore URLs

Site Code:  

Oracle Portal URLs Importer

Siteport Generated csv ObjectsIDs Path:
Siteport Generated csv PagesIDs Path:
Sitecore path for the redirect items:
Domain URL:
Connection String to URLs from Oracle Portal:
Amount of items to be imported(used for testing purposes):

Press Release Items Reallocator

Sitecore Source Path:
Sitecore Target Path:
Items to skip csv Path:

Media Files wrappers remover

Media File Wrappers Path:

Pages default values setter

Source Path:
Page's Template Name:

Copy Dates

Start Node: Copy Fields