TruStage What Matters NowTM Research Program

Changing consumer needs and a growing variety of channel options made it more critical than ever for TruStage to prioritize innovation. By listening to credit union members and sharing these insights with you—together we can serve all consumers better. What Matters Now is part of an ongoing insights program to learn from hardworking families.

2018 Research: Insights from Multicultural Consumers

Understanding the unique values and experiences of multicultural consumers helps credit unions make closer connections to better serve not only this growing segment of the population but all consumers. Access the e-book for deeper insights to this core consumer group.

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How well do you know what matters to multicultural consumers?

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2017 Research: Insights from the Non-Member

How well do you know your non-members? Understanding the unique profile and mindset of non-members, including under-engaged members, helps credit unions better attract and connect with this audience.

2016 Research: Insights from Millennials

The Millennial generation (ages 18-34) is a large consumer group with diverse financial needs. Millennials are often described in generalizations, but this group has a variety of needs—with almost half being parents.1 Learn what matters most to Millennials, along with new ways to engage and serve them.

2015 Research: Insights from Middle-Income Americans

Insights from the Middle: Definitions of Success

Middle income Americans define success based on family, relationships and stability first.

Car Buyer Insights from Middle-Income Americans

Insights into the car-buying market and findings from middle-income Americans point out opportunities for credit unions to create value for members.

Insights to Boost Membership with Middle-Income Americans

Understanding the unbanked population and engaging them in the credit union value proposition could be a significant source of membership growth.

* TruStage member data with Acxiom overlay data on race and ethnicity, December 2017.
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