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Contact Us & FAQs

Credit Union Support

For general inquiries, please call the TruStage Program Information Center at 800.428.3932  or email us at trustageprogram@cunamutual.com.

For technical questions or problems you may have regarding log in, security, website access or hardware/software requirements, contact Technical Support at 800.962.5465

Frequently Asked Questions

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For member inquiries regarding a policy, please have them call 800.779.5433.

Use the following claim forms to review claims filing requirements:


Occasionally, you may receive requests from members to stop receiving TruStage mailings. To process these requests, you can either call 800.428.3932 or use our web-based Member Suppression tool located in the TruStage Resource Center.

Quote Requests

If a member requests a quote for TruStage insurance products, please have them call 1.88.TRUSTAGE.



Nationwide, small batches of mailings are sent to credit union members each week. However, any given member will only receive mailings that are specifically targeted. We take great care to avoid over-mailing your members and employ marketing models to help make sure the right offer goes to the right member at the right time. Very simply, over-mailing your members with direct mail is ineffective, expensive and not aligned with the credit union mission.


The TruStage Resource Center allows your staff to preview samples of the TruStage insurance mailings. If you like, you can even print the entire mail package or select pieces/components to share with your tellers and member services staff.

To view samples, visit the Member Mailings page*.

*TruStage Resource Center account access required. Need an account?

Membership Files

Why it's important

  • The key to a successful marketing program is reaching the right audience. Providing a fresh membership file helps ensure that we're reaching the right members!
  • Accurate data is at the heart of the TruStage Insurance Program. To better understand your member's relationship with your credit union, we need frequently updated membership data.
  • Updates can account for growth in membership, as well as an opportunity to delete members due to death, closed accounts, and member opt-out requests received by your credit union. We go through a lengthy process of validating all of the data, from many perspectives.

How to submit

  1. Review the Membership File Upload Tips for guidance.
  2. For additional instructions to create or upload your membership file, contact the Data Acquisition Processing team at 800.428.3932, Ext. 684.1160 or email TruStageData@cunamutual.com.

Best Practice: Mark your calendar to send an updated member file at least quarterly.

Credit Union Logo and Signature

Why provide

Credit union members typically have a strong relationship with their credit union. By seeing their credit union's name and logo, along with the signature of the CEO (or other recognizable credit union official), your members know that this product is worthy of their consideration. We incorporate logos and your official’s signature into certain product marketing pieces that we mail to your members. Logos are also used on brochures, statement stuffers and on TruStage.com to reinforce your credit union's endorsement of TruStage products and programs.

How to submit

  1. Use the following forms to review logo and signature submission requirements:
  2. Submit your files via email to TruStageProgram@cunamutual.com

Marketing Materials

Where to order

Visit the Marketing Materials page in the TruStage Resource Center

Program Reporting

CU Navigator types of reporting

With CU Navigator, you can generate extensive and in-depth data about your credit union's TruStage Insurance Program. Here are the types of reports you can create:

  • The amount of royalty payments your credit union has earned through the TruStage Insurance Program
  • The number of policies and quantity of in-force coverage your members purchased during various time periods
  • The share of your members taking advantage of each type of insurance, including the contributory AD&D coverage provided by your credit union
  • Your members' usage of access points (direct marketing, call center, local Liberty Mutual Insurance agent) to purchase insurance
  • Comparisons of your TruStage Insurance Program's performance to your peers
  • . . .and much more

How to access CU Navigator

For access to CU Navigator, just follow these steps:

  1. Click "Edit My Services"
  2. In the "Member Solutions" box, select "CU Navigator Management Reporting"
  3. Click "Continue" to submit your request, then "Done" to return to the home page

How to use the data

CU Navigator provides the flexibility of showing numerical data as well as graphical views. This creates endless possibilities for presentations to your board of directors, updates to senior management teams, and even program awareness-building with frontline staff.

TruStage Insurance products and programs are made available through TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC. Life insurance and AD&D insurance are issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company. Auto, and home insurance are issued by leading insurance companies. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by your credit union.