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Know Your Data, Know Your Member: Growing Loans in a Digital World

Credit unions used to learn of their members’ financial needs by talking with them during branch visits. But with the growing popularity of digital banking, it may seem like it’s harder to know what they want. Fortunately, the data your members generate is a roadmap to meeting their expectations. In this session, you’ll discover how data analytics can provide insights into member behavior, helping you improve your marketing results, enhance the experience you provide, and grow your loan portfolio.

Speaker: Amy Robertson, Senior Manager, Product

The Hidden Risk of The Auto Lending Boom

While credit unions are enjoying the recent surge in auto lending, digging deeper into the numbers reveals some potentially troubling trends. During this enlightening session, you’ll gain insights into why your most loyal members may be vulnerable, why you’re not marketing as effectively as you think, and steps to take to strengthen your member relationships.

Speaker: TBD