Credit Union Tools for Growth: Core Financial Needs

The newest Tools for Growth will help Credit Unions engage with members by identifying their personas and addressing their core financials needs. Whether members are seeking Protection, Income, Growth of Assets, or Leaving a Legacy, these tools will help generate referrals, increase engagement, and deliver results.

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Win the Moment

Diversified Income: Three Practical Solutions

Retirement Income and Conservative Wealth Members

Helping members invest wisely in anticipation of retirement is critically important, but so is planning for what happens after they retire – that the wealth they’ve accumulated continues working during their golden years. This campaign highlights how working with a financial professional to build a comprehensive financial plan will meet your members’ need for income.

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Marketing bundle includes: blog content, newsletter content and image, social media content and image, web banners, and a three-step email journey (content and images).

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Provide Conservative Wealth Members with Protection

The future is uncertain and has more questions than answers — saving for retirement and your children’s/grandchildren’s education, worrying about future healthcare costs and long-term care. This campaign highlights how working with a financial professional to build a comprehensive financial plan will protect your members’ future.

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Marketing bundle includes: blog content, newsletter content and image, social media content and image, web banners, and a three-step email journey (content and images).

Future campaigns

Future campaigns will address members other Core Financial Needs and expand across additional personas – including Current Consumers, Market Watchers, Rural Trust and Tried & True.

Infographic Series

A variety of evergreen and timely investing concepts designed in an easy to follow Top 5 infographic series. Each topic aims to assist credit union members obtain financial hope; reminding them of investing basics and reassurance in long-term investing strategies. Each content series includes a printable infographic, website content, web banners, social media posts, emails, and newsletter copy. Simply click the Download Materials link under your desired series to access the Material Bundle zip file containing all deliverables.

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5 Factors That Could Impact Your 2021 Tax Filing

The year 2021 brought more economic uncertainties. To help, Congress enacted several measures, but will those impact members when they file their taxes? This visual guide covers five common tax situations, including stimulus payments and student loan relief. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3211156)

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5 Pros and Cons of 401(k) Rollovers

Have recent events resulted in job loss for your members? They might be faced with a decision about what to do with their retirement account from a previous employer. This content series can help you have that conversation with them. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 10008711)

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5 Reasons Now Might Be the Time for Annuities

Recent market volatility and concerning global events are causing many investors to consider diversifying their portfolio even further by including annuities as part of their retirement strategy. This content series provides several reasons members might want to consider annuities. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3192613)

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5 Reasons to Consider Fee-Based Investing

Members’ investments aren’t just getting harder to manage, they are becoming increasingly fragmented. If you are having managed money, or fee-based investing, conversations with your members, this infographic is great supplemental content to your conversations. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3214681)

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5 Tips to Reach Retirement Goals During Uncertain Times

There is not a single straight line leading members to retirement, life takes us all through ups and downs. Use these tips with your members to help limit the financial impact this recent crisis might have on their retirement goals.

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5 Investment Strategies During Times of Uncertainty

A market downturn can teach us many lessons; one of which is the importance of diversification in a portfolio. Use this infographic series to talk with members about potentially mitigating losses and helping plan for the future no matter how uncertain the times might be. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3053201)

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5 Tips for Financial Security in a Virtual World

Whether it’s engaging through social media, working remotely, or conducting virtual meetings, the way we interact has shifted significantly. The same goes for how members engage with their financial professional. Pass along these 5 tips to help members with financial security in this digital world. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3166753)

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a touchy subject, but it’s important to consider when it might be appropriate and which kind to get. This content series helps your members understand the differences between term life and whole life insurance, along with various life circumstances that can help them determine which is right.

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CBSI Marketing Campaign Material

These multi-drip marketing campaigns are great for targeting specific audience sets within your credit union membership. It can take around 4-5 touches before an end-consumer notices your messages. These campaigns provide all the material you need to gain their attention.

MaxProtect Campaign

Use this campaign as a stand-alone or in tandem with the CD vs Fixed Annuity Product-Agnostic Campaign. This multi-channel campaign promotes the competitive guaranteed interest rate of 2.00% or more, available through a MaxProtect Fixed Annuity. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3240943)

Fixed Annuity (FA) vs Certificate of Deposit (CD) Campaign

Many credit unions have too many deposits on their books, and some are looking to shed excess deposits. FAs are a viable investment option for members which offer similar features as CDs yet have the benefit of higher interest rates. This multi-channel campaign covers those benefits. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 10009462)

Financial Check-up Campaign

This campaign highlights the long-term value of financial advisors and their essential roles in providing hope and guidance during uncertain and unsettling times. The campaign is aimed at three audiences – members without a financial advisor, members with an outside advisor and requesting a referral from members with an internal financial professional. (order custom material on Marketing Port, id 3122995, 3123001, 312300 or 3123005)

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