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Select Credit Union Council

CUNA Mutual Group is committed to small and midsize credit unions. It is also true that small credit unions are renowned for banding together to help one another. 
It is for that reason that in 2007 that a CUNA Mutual Group small credit union leadership team and a team of forward thinking credit union leaders across the nation formed the Select Credit Union Council. The objective is simple ... how can the team work together to address the unique challenges small and midsize credit unions face. 
The purpose of this site is to share information and resources with credit unions, leagues and industry associations. 
View the 2012 Credit Union Council member directory.  
Small and Midsize Credit Union Council Members
Back Row: L to R: Jon Hernandez, Stephen Brindamour, Janine Keim, Diane Moilanen
Front Row: Jim Schrimpf, James Tuggle, Lucile Beckwith, Rick Haas, Bob Eike, Bernie Neibauer

Annual Meeting:  
Each year the council convenes at CUNA Mutual Group's home office in Madison, Wis. For one day the team shares discussion around challenges and opportunities facing small and mid-size credit unions. This year was no different with another round of candid discussions, sharing of ideas and new insights. The information from each session can be found on the annual meeting page.
If you have any question regarding the council or would like to submit ideas, insights or topics for the council to discuss feel free to email us.
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