Fostering Innovation

CUNA Mutual Group Discovery Conference 2019

Fostering a culture of innovation requires a long-term commitment from leadership. It also requires building a safe haven where ideas can flourish, or an “Innovation Zone.” Think of this as a protective environment that allows ideas to be nurtured, vetted and ultimately brought to market. How do you build that “Innovation Zone?”

Discovery™ Conference is our annual thought leadership conference that offers ideas and insights to help credit unions plan for everyday success. Discovery Conference Features present quick snapshots of the most impactful moments of the conference. Enjoy these short, highlight videos from Tom Koulopoulos’ keynote session.

Innovation is a Process

Innovation requires a process, tools and building blocks to make it sustainable. Some of the best innovations combine what already exists to create completely new value for your members, while removing friction from your process. Don’t be held hostage by the past. Look to the future and learn how to innovate.

Five Laws of Innovation

Go where the fear is. Be impervious to rejection. Innovation is not inventing. Innovation is not a solo flight. If you try to innovate by pleasing the market you’re going to fail. What does this all mean? Learn more about these five laws of innovation and move your credit union forward.

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