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Discover how our investments are driving credit union growth

Every day, millions of people turn to their credit unions for help. They’re a vital part of the communities they serve, and we’re proud to support them through our products and services.

Leslie’s Story: Focusing on Members’ Needs First

All Leslie Finklea wanted was a home for her family, so when her bank declined her mortgage application, she turned to her local credit union. They could do what her bank could not: focus on her needs first.

To help credit unions grow, we too must focus on members’ needs. With products like our TruStage Budget Calculator Tool, our instant online approval and our unique Mortgage Payment Protection and MEMBERS Horizon investment product, we put members in control.

Bryan’s Story: Reaching New Parents at the Right Time


When Bryan Dowd discovered he would be a father, his future came into focus. He turned to his credit union for help.

As the market leader, CUNA Mutual Group can provide actionable insights that help credit unions reach out to members with the right products, at the right time. Our sponsorship of the recent Millennial Money Chatter: A Guide to Millennial Financial Discourse and our What Matters Now: Insights from Millennials are just two examples of how we can help.

Lynette’s Story: Committed to Credit Union Growth

For Lynette Smith, and thousands of credit union leaders like her, life is about creating opportunities. Finding those most in need, and providing a vital service.

As an organization born from the credit union movement, CUNA Mutual Group shares that commitment. See how our values are aligned with the credit unions we support, and how through our products and services, we aim to drive growth across the credit union movement.

Raffo's Story: Improving the Credit Union Experience

For Raffo Wimsett, having systems that are mobile, adaptable and flexible are vital. At CUNA Mutual Group, we can help you offer a safe and seamless digital experience.

Through CMFG Ventures we’re bringing exciting new FinTech products to market, while investing heavily in improved Loan Origination System integration for our LOANLINER® and Protection Advisor® systems and making it easier to plan for retirement with the BenefitsForYou retirement tool.

Your members need your support.

Find out how we can help.