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Credit Unions Can Withstand Pandemic Fallout and Achieve Great Success in 2021

Why are credit unions so successful during periods of economic hardship?

February 8, 3 min read

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Consumer Sentiment

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Pandemic Opening Members’ Eyes to the Value of Financial Protection

Proprietary research conducted both before and after the pandemic began indicates as stress continues to build, there is growing consumer awareness of, and interest in, financial protection.

February 1, 4 min read

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Multicultural Consumers: Defining Difference

Multicultural differences impact business performance. What credit unions should pay attention to.

March 23, 10 min, 6 sec video

Consumer Experience

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Members Overestimate Cost of Life/AD&D, Underestimate the Need

Three ways to help your members understand why this combination of protection is critical and why your credit union is their best resource.

March 29, 4 min, 30 sec read

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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A Strategic Plan to Reach Hispanics

How credit unions can attract the fastest-growing homebuying demographic in America.

February 10, 3 min read

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Committing to a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Credit unions are seeing growth in their multicultural memberships, so building a diverse and inclusive culture is an imperative to meeting the changing needs of members.

February 5, 4 min read

Customer Experience

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Data Analytics: More Than Just Numbers

With analytics foundations in place, credit unions can expand their data sources and business intelligence reach.

February 1, 10 min read

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Consumer Sentiment

Pandemic Shines a Light on Need to Help Members with Investments

For years, the need for retirement savings and the focus required on individual investment plans has changed dramatically. Rob Comfort, President of CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., offers best practices on making investment services core and why it requires more than a vision.

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January 25, 3 min, 46 sec read

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Financial Planning

New Year’s Resolution – Develop a Plan Based on Expert Advice

Talking with a professional about your financial plan can bring significant benefits.

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January 31, 2 min 17 sec read

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Customer Experience

Looking Forward: How I’m Applying Lessons Learned in 2020

There is no playbook for times like these. But we’ve all learned an incredible amount in 2020. Bob Trunzo shares insights he believes we can apply in 2021 and far beyond.

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December 21, 4 min, 7 sec read

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Market Outlook

Good Riddance 2020! Welcome 2021!

Scott Knapp, our Chief Market Strategist, provides his market outlook for the coming year in Wealth Management’s 2021 Market Outlook.

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January 2021, 2 min, 49 sec read

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Consumer Sentiment

Emotional Engagement: Differentiate Your Members’ Experience

Emotions play a huge role in shaping member experience. They also influence their desire to buy or not to buy, what they remember and share, and whether they will be loyal to your credit union.

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December 8, 3 min, 15 sec read

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Customer Experience

Use Your Data to Understand Staff and Members During COVID-19 and Beyond

No two credit unions will experience the impact of COVID-19 in the same way. Listen in for tips on how to view your data with a fresh perspective.

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January 15, 28 min 3 sec podcast

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Financial Planning

Helping Members Make Smart Student-Loan Repayment Decisions

Three strategies for empowering members to navigate the maze of student debt.

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January 28, 4 min 51 sec read

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