Protecting Our Colleagues

Work Environment and Facilities

The health and safety of our workforce, customers, partners and the community remain our top priority. We are ready to serve you, your families, your businesses, members and customers during this time.

Based on COVID-19 infection trends and the success of the three vaccines, we opened CUNA Mutual Group offices in Madison, WI, Waverly, IA, Great Bend, KS and Fort Worth, TX on Thursday, July 1. We offered our employees the choice of working where they felt most comfortable – virtual, in a company workspace, or in a hybrid model.

In addition, company offices in Chicago, Florida and New York are now available to those who choose to work there. Face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status in Chicago and New York. Face coverings are recommended for those who are fully vaccinated and required for the unvaccinated in Florida.

Effective Thursday, Aug. 19, all employees and contractors working in our Madison office are required by Public Health Madison & Dane County to wear a face covering at all times regardless of vaccination status, unless they are alone in an enclosed office or conference room. Face coverings are also required while meeting face-to-face with credit union representatives, clients and prospective clients in Dane County.

  • Public Health Madison & Dane County noted in the order the seven-day average number of cases in Dane County increased by 382% from July 19 to August 12 and the highly contagious Delta variant became dominant. While vaccines remain highly effective in preventing severe outcomes of the Delta variant, the order cites evidence that fully vaccinated people can become infected and transmit the variant to others.
  • Under the order, face coverings must be worn in Madison offices unless eating or drinking, or in other limited circumstances. Exemptions may be possible for individuals with certain physical or mental health conditions.

We understand that navigating changing public health guidance can be challenging. Yet, it's critical that we each do our part to protect our colleagues, our customers and those who are unvaccinated, including children. We encourage everyone to participate in vaccination to help ensure the safety and well-being of our workforce and our communities. You can find information and resources here.

We continue to monitor federal, state and local public health guidance and will share updates as they are available.

Current Policy for Travel, Meetings & Events

Company offices re-opened to events and meetings with external participants on Wednesday, Sept. 1. The CDC and other jurisdictions have not advised against hosting events that comply with available guidance, and we want those who manage relationships with customers and business partners to exercise their judgment and make their own decisions regarding external events and business travel whenever possible.

In-person meetings and events are optional for our workforce. For in-person meetings and events, employees are encouraged to plan events around a virtual experience and to assume that most will prefer virtual attendance. Those who are unable or unwilling to voluntarily comply with our guidelines should attend virtually.

CUNA Mutual Group is the marketing name for CUNA Mutual Holding Company, a mutual insurance holding company, its subsidiaries and affiliates.