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MEMBERSTM Capital Advisors (MCA) is the SEC registered investment advisor affiliate of CUNA Mutual Group. Established in 1984, MCA manages over $10 billion of assets* of CUNA Mutual Group and affiliates, and guides the investment of over $1 billion in assets* for credit unions.

Credit Union Investment Advisory Services

Leverage the deep institutional investing resources of MEMBERS Capital Advisors to assist in the management of your credit union’s investment portfolio.

*as of Dec. 31, 2012


In today's increasingly complex and interconnected financial world, regulators have a watchful eye on financial institutions, including credit unions. The mix and quality of portfolio investments, documentation on best execution, timely and accurate pricing of securities, a solid Investment Policy, policy adherence, monitoring, accounting and reporting are all under increasing scrutiny. The balanced and holistic approach of MEMBERS Capital Advisors’ Credit Union Investment Advisory Service (CUIAS) gives you the peace of mind not only that your portfolio has been optimized using industry leading portfolio and risk management analytic systems, but also that it has been stressed under extreme scenarios meeting your examiner's compliance tests.


Credit Union Investment Advisory Services offers credit union executives time savings, investment compliance and potential for enhanced portfolio yields through portfolio optimization and active risk management.

  • Benefit from industry leading portfolio and risk management analytic systems -- the same system used to manage CUNA Mutual Group’s $10 billion general account portfolio*. Holdings are priced monthly and portfolio stress tested at the aggregate and individual security level. We are able to shock the portfolio under any interest rate environment, including a rising interest rate environment of 400 basis points or more.
  • Asset class expertise in treasuries, agencies, corporate credit, mortgage-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities. Direct access to portfolio managers and analysts supporting CUNA Mutual Group’s general account.
  • Through our non-discretionary process you remain in control of all investment decisions. We provide documentation of all recommendations and multiple offerings and bids on recommended investments. Examiners have been satisfied with our well-documented process which is provided to credit unions for recordkeeping.
  • Documentation of best execution with a network of over 25 broker/dealers. 
  • Our interests are aligned. Flat-fee pricing. No commissions. No per transaction costs. We approach each credit union as a partner and through cooperation we are able to enhance benefits provided by the investment portfolio. We are your Fiduciary.

*as of Dec. 31, 2012


Our Belief:  We can add incremental yield to the investment portfolio net of fees. All of this is done through a thorough understanding of the credit union’s goals, objectives and regulatory parameters.

  • Investments under management: $1.164 billion as of Dec. 31, 2012
  • Combined assets of credit union clients: $6.4 billion as of Sept. 30, 2012, per NCUA call reports
    • Range $80 mm - $1.8 billion
  • Fixed income asset classes: Treasuries, agencies, agency MBS passthrough/CMOs, investment grade corporate credit, commercial mortgage-backed securities
  • Duration and quality are credit union specific: 1.5 - 5.0 duration, AAA/AA - quality
  • Advise both state and federal charters

Investment Advisory Process:

  • Understand your risk / return philosophy
  • Know your regulatory limits (Reg. 703, 742)
  • Study your internal ALM policy and investment policy
  • Study your business plan
  • Study your current positions
  • Develop an investment policy statement

Asset Management Team Provides Multiple Dedicated Points of Contact:

  • Maintains focus on objectives
  • Reporting / compliance needs
  • Asset Liability Management analysis
  • Portfolio manager access
  • Purchase / sales transactions
  • Portfolio structure / risk analysis
  • Monthly accounting / bookkeeping / compliance
  • CUNA Mutual Group’s goals are uniquely aligned with credit union goals
  • Unbiased, objective investment advice
  • Holistic balance sheet management approach
  • Understanding of credit union regulatory and compliance environment
  • Depth of resources and expertise across all sectors
  • The CUNA Mutual Group difference

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Ed Meier and Jeff Weber are happy to help you learn more about CUNA Mutual Group's Investment Advisory Service for credit unions
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