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Crop Insurance Tools & Resources


Coverage provided in partnership with Producers Ag Insurance Group (ProAg)

  • One of country's premier agricultural insurers
  • Crop insurance experts-crop insurance is the only product they sell
  • Family-owned
  • Serving farmers for 80+ years

Two coverage options:
Help protect  farmers' crops at every stage of the growing season.

Multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI)

  • Purchased prior to planting 
  • Covers loss of crop yields from all types of natural causes- including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, and disease
  • Can combine yield and price protection coverage to ensure revenue
  • Premiums are partially subsidized by Risk Management Agency of the USDA

Private Crop-hail insurance

  • Can be purchased at any time during the growing season*
  • Helps protect high-yielding crops from threat of hail

* Not available in all areas or for all crop types.


A partnership working for you:

Financial confidence and peace of mind

ProAg is the premier provider of crop insurance, serving 40 states.  Based in Amarillo, Texas, this family-owned crop insurer has provided insurance protection for farmers for more than 80 years. ProAg is the 6th-largest writer of MPCI and the 5th-largest writer of crop hail coverage in the country. 

CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc. is the lead reinsurer for the ProAg crop insurance portfolio and has extensive agricultural risk management expertise.  In addition to this experience, CUNA Mutual has a rich heritage of serving mutuals and was the pioneer of the worldwide credit union movement in 1935.  It continues to cultivate mutual partnerships and judges its success by securing the financial well-being of its partners, and the members and communities they serve.  It offers lending, protection, financial, employee and member solutions through strategic partnerships, technological innovations and multiple service channels.

A commitment to helping agents be successful

ProAg's advanced technology means we can help you enhance coverage and service.  ProAg can help speed quotes, analysis, and overall access to crucial information and policy reports with its significant investments in IT, including superior underwriting, loss software, real-time access and more. 

ProAg has invested significant resources in its field staff.  Its commitment to development means agents can serve farmers of all sizes - from family to corporate farms.  Partnerships continue to last for decades.


Learn more about Crop Protection Insurance and ProAg at

Producers Agriculture Insurance Group D/B/A ProAgSM, is comprised of Producers Agriculture Insurance Company, Producers Lloyds Insurance Company - the insurance policy issuing companies - and ProAg Management, Inc., the managing and servicing affiliate.  The insurance products offered may not be a complete list of all products offered and may not be offered in all states.


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