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Translating Lending Trends into Strategies to Fuel Growth
Patrick McElhenie, Sales Planner, CUNA Mutual Group

Profit margins are shrinking and consumer habits are changing, causing the lending environment to rapidly transform. So what's the outlook for credit unions? At this session, you’ll get insight into credit union opinions on growth areas by loan type, channels, product development, marketing and advocacy (based on research performed by Forrester Research and CUNA Mutual Group)., You’ll also explore economic and lending trends to help you prepare for what lies ahead.

New Insights to Grow Your Credit Union
Ben Rogers, Research Director, Filene Research Institute

Growing your credit union has never been easy, but it now feels like it's tougher than ever. In this session, you will hear about growth observations from Filene's strategic and academic research that will be revealed to insights as diverse as growth opportunities among your existing membership, how directors can add more value, and how to better serve young adults.

How to Get People Talking About Your Credit Union
Andy Sernovitz, CEO, and author, “Word of Mouth Marketing”

Ever wonder why some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion and why some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fail to get noticed? Word of mouth advertising is the answer. Knowing and understanding the ins and outs of this form of advertising is essential to credit union success. Discover how to energize your audience and generate positive word of mouth about your credit union. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how easy it is to work with social media, viral marketing, evangelists and buzz.

Create a Community Development Strategy & Tap into 70 million Prospective Members
Pablo DeFilippi, Director of Membership, National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (NFCDCU)

Estimated at 70 million people, the under-banked market represents a huge opportunity for credit unions. This is where mission and opportunity converge. Did you know that credit unions serving low- and moderate-income consumers and underserved communities can qualify for perks such as supplemental capital, exemption to the Member Business Lending (MBL) cap, and expanded sustainable financial inclusion initiatives? At this session, you’ll learn how to get these tools, and more importantly, how to use them effectively to meet the needs of low wealth consumers while fueling the future growth of your credit union.

The Regulators are Coming: How to Prepare for Your Next Real Estate Exam
Tracy Ashfield, President, Ashfield and Associates

Real Estate continues to get more attention from the Regulators. Being prepared is key to a smooth exam. Get into the examiner’s head and find out how you can be ready when they check your real estate lending program. Learn how to structure a real estate policy that stands up to scrutiny, which reports and data to have ready before they ask, and how to support your methodology when they don’t agree.

Solid Strategies to Gain Mobile Users in Our Always-On World
Howie Wu, Vice President of Virtual Banking, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)

Your most profitable members rely on smartphones, tablets and apps as a means to bank, shop and pay. Learn what it takes to provide a mobile-banking solution on par with the big banks and discover opportunities your credit union should be taking advantage of.

Stop Missing the Mark with Social Media
Michael Ogden, Media Relations Manager, CUNA Mutual Group
Robin Marohn, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Heartland Credit Union

If you’re looking for Social Media 101, exit here. This session takes a critical look at how credit unions can use social media to build their brand and credibility. Get keen insight into social media techniques used in the industry and find out what works, what doesn’t and why. Learn how to set yourself apart in the crowded social media world (here’s a hint: personality) and find out what makes one credit union‘s social media strategy so successful.

Finding Member-Friendly Non-Interest Income
Ben Rogers, Research Director, Filene Research Institute

Non-Interest income has become essential for the success of today's credit unions, but leaders rightly struggle to balance the necessary income with the needs of members. This session will outline the results of a brand new survey that shows how credit unions are growing non-interest income in ways that are transparent, freely chosen, and for services that add value to members.

Keynote Session: Building the Credit Union of the Future
John Lass, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, CUNA Mutual Group

Building upon the sustainable growth framework, John Lass will lead us on a deeper dive examination of the key revenue and expense challenges and opportunities facing credit unions today, with a particular focus on the competitive challenges posed by financial convergence and rapidly evolving financial technologies and consumer channel preferences. We will also examine real-time case studies to learn how non-traditional competitors are using different strategies and value propositions to reshape retail financial services of the future. 

Compliance Update-- Lending in Today's Regulatory Environment
Lauren Calhoun, Compliance Manager, CUNA Mutual Group
Bill Klewin, Lending Compliance Manager, CUNA Mutual Group

Suffering from compliance fatigue? It’s no wonder – regulations are everywhere! Bill and Lauren will simplify the legal jargon and reveal what should be on your lending regulatory radar. Learn how the changes impact your credit union and how to prepare. Also, you’ll learn about the direction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), and how changes in the regulatory and enforcement structure may impact credit unions.

Card Chip Technology: Why You Should Consider it Sooner Than Later
Ann Davidson, Senior Risk Consultant, CUNA Mutual Group

The importance of  understanding “chip technology” and the benefits it could provide to your credit union's plastic card program can be significant. At this session, you will learn what chip technology is, how it can reduce risk for certain forms of fraud (such as skimming and data breach exposures), what your employees need to know, and how your members will benefit. Ensuring that your credit union considers advances in security and technology to manage risk can be a vital component of your strategic plan.

Strengthen Your Bottom Line with Advanced Sales Techniques
Mark Arnold, CCUE, President, On the Mark Strategies

“Sales” is a bad word in many credit unions. Like it or not, selling is the lifeblood of any organization – credit unions included! If you aren’t selling, you aren’t growing. But sales is more than just smiling, using the person’s name, and making eye contact. This session covers advanced sales strategies designed to strengthen your bottom line.

How to Build a Brand that Sticks
Alan Bergstrom, Director, CUNA Mutual Group

While great brands are found across incredibly diverse industries, they share many key traits: they’re authentic, they deliver on their promises and they stand out from the rest. Attend this session to explore critical tenets of sticky brands. Hear about relevant case studies and real-world examples as you learn how to create a memorable (and valuable) brand for your business that engages customers and employees alike.
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